July 31

i miss wandering around omaha aimlessly, humming desaparecidos songs to myself.

good morning. it is my last day in philadelphia. huh.

July 30

rewatching x-files. because i miss my dad. and i would always watch it with him in the fall.

Anonymous said: i really like your new facebook picture. it's so good. just wanted to let you know that.

oh. thanks. you could’ve just liked it on facebook or something. i don’t know. huh. thank you. hm.

wow i wouldn’t have even been friends with you back then

why? i was so cool. i was really good at video games and could name every character in the marvel universe.

it’s so weird that i wasn’t even thirteen in the 90’s.

as a 13 year old boy in the 90’s who loved scifi and was/is/forever will be in love with Debbie Harry, I watched Videodrome a lot.

thank you very much.

remember how a cop added everyone on facebook yesterday and then ruben called them out and now the facebook is deactivated? 

oh annie peppercorn.